‘Rarely do you come across a world class leader, author and communicator all in the one body!  Not only does John manage to combine all these skills, but he tops all his talents by being an authentic and likable person.  Simply put - I love to hear him teach, be around his leadership and most of all, just enjoy his company - I cannot recommend him highly enough!’ 

Andrew McCourt - Senior Pastor, Bayside Church, California

'Dr John Andrews has been a tremendous blessing to the churches of Singapore, equipping and inspiring people in ways that can be understood across ages and cultures. A man of conviction and clarity, his preaching and teaching ministry intertwine theology with personal testimonies to demonstrate the power and relevance of Spirit-centered faith.'

Rev Dominic Yeo - General Superintendent, Assemblies of God of Singapore / Senior Pastor,  Trinity Christian Centre

'John (the Doctor) is a world class bible teacher. His insights into scripture are breath-taking at times. His application of this ancient text into contemporary leadership is razor sharp and his ability to break down complexity into digestible understanding is God-given. John loves teaching and graces the stage of conferences across the world, yet he has never lost his passion to serve the local church. John is a proven leader, an author many times over, a leadership coach and my friend. He loves his family, his sausage dogs and Liverpool FC. One of those attributes I admire; one I put up with; one I detest!'

Simon Jarvis - Senior Leader, One Church, UK

‘We love John Andrews. He's the real deal. He comes regularly to speak at the church I pastor in Singapore, but also at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, where he lectures each term. The students absolutely love him and his transparency and vulnerability has often left us in tears. I will not hesitate to recommend him, that's for sure. I am a fan.’

Rev Yang Tuck Yoong - Senior Pastor, Cornerstone, Singapore / Chairman, Bible College of Wales, Swansea


'Dr John loves God, loves life and loves the Bible.  His passion to teach the Word is infectious and his ability to teach the Word incredible.  We invite John to minister regularly at our church.  He never brings less than his best – opening the Bible to strengthen, challenge, inspire, equip, engage and encourage God’s people.  We always look forward to him coming and his input continues to help move us forward.'

Martin and Esther Storey - Senior Leaders, CLM, Coventry

'We were blessed to have Dr John Andrews come minister at our church camp. It was a great camp and not only did John bless the people with the sharing of the Word, but in his interaction, friendliness and sincerity, together with his wife Dawn, they greatly ministered to our church members.  John and Dawn were a real blessing, great to have around and fitted right in with our members despite our cultural differences. I would strongly recommend him if you need a great teacher and communicator, as well as a friend.'

Pastor Mark Poh - Senior Leaders, Emmanuel AG Church, Singapore

'John Andrews, in our opinion, is one of the best Bible teachers in Britain. He has a unique ability to bring the Scriptures alive and make them applicable to our daily lives. He is exactly the same off the stage to on it – his humility, love for people and passion for mission make him stand out and it’s incredible to see how his influence has grown in recent years through his books and media presence. We have witnessed him overcome tough times with strength and dignity. John is a Christian statesman who you should have no hesitation in inviting to your church or conference. As Becky’s first pastor who took her on her first mission trip as a teenage girl, it’s fair to say that One By One wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for this man's love for the mission field.'

Matthew and Becky Murray - Senior Leaders, Renew Church, Uttoxeter

'John is an excellent speaker who connects well with his audience, contemporary in communication and biblical in content, profound in outlook yet down-to-earth in practicability. In the years that he has ministered to the various groups that I have requested, he has connected well with the various age groups that he has spoken to and touched many lives.'

Rev. Peter Soh - Hinghwa Methodist Church

'One wise teacher said to explain something simply, you need to understand it profoundly. We commend John Andrews to you – he’s a gifted and anointed teacher who models this principle. His deep love of God’s Word, refined communication skills and the way he lives daily life continue to help thousands of believers every year to grow in their application of Biblical wisdom. We have seen first-hand his ministry at home and in other nations and are so grateful to partner with him.
John has served Wellspring Church in many ways through Sunday preaching, mid-week teaching seminars, leadership development courses and consultancy. He’s the real deal and we thank God for him!'

Tim and Helen Roberts - Senior Leaders, Wellspring Church, Watford

'John has been partnering with us for many years.  His biblical insight, inspiration and encouragement, coupled with his relational delivery have had a profound impact on us as leaders and the wider church alike.  John clearly has a genuine desire to serve local church, which is evident in his bespoke understanding of our needs and culture. I cannot recommend him highly enough.'

Richard Cooke - Senior Leader, The Bridge, Bolton

'I have known Dr John for almost 30 years, both as a colleague and friend. His outstanding grasp of contemporary culture and biblical theology has not compromised his rare gift of engaging truth with both seasoned and emerging leaders. He is one of only a handful of public speakers who can capture a crowd of diverse experience and maturity with current issues in an ucompromising context of Christian Mission. He has graced our pulpit literally dozens of time and I recommend his gift and personal integrity without hesitation. I am personally grateful for how he has blessed and progressed our church in equal measure.'

Anthony Hodgkinson - Emmanuel Community Church Interntional, London

Dr John is a trusted friend, and an excellent communicator. Our church have benefitted from his rich teaching in our leadership training course, School of Worship, Celebrations and (alongside his wife Dawn), a couples retreat. I think the depth of John’s teaching comes from a solid theological understanding of the biblical texts, held in tension with the need to make its application relevant to village churches or faith communities in the urban context. I have watched him serve in local church, national denominational teams, as a bible college principal and conference speaker. His wise and witty contributions have always been deeply appreciated by me. In addition to this, his willingness to work hard and serve with loyalty and honesty, are rare qualities these days, and the confluence of all these things has served to strengthen my conviction about the credibility of his leadership gift.

As an international speaker John is acutely aware of the need to make sure his message has relevance and impact across cultures. His youthful spirit also connects well with an emerging generation, who are eager to discover fresh missional strategies that are equal to the challenges of a biblical faith in the modern world. John has been a rich source of inspiration for them. Many who listen to John usually comment on the sincere manner in which he shares how biblical truth has profoundly shaped his own life. He is no stranger to pain or pressure, but has maintained a poise and integrity through times of stress and success that comes from a deeper place than just a professional appointment to Christian ministry.

’Dr John’ is a faithful husband, a loving father, a passionate leader, prolific author, insightful communicator, and more than any of this… a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Doug Williams -  Emmanuel Community Church International, London